Brendon Burton

20 year old photographer residing in Portland, Oregon. All photos are mine.

Portraits of family members taken during a reunion in Montana.

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Still life of things I have found in abandoned places/things I’ve received as gifts. 

Shot with discontinued FP-3000b instant film and a projector last night. 

I’m back home from my trip to Wyoming and Montana. Shot almost exclusively on film, but here are some digital stills I took while filming in Glacier National Park at sunrise.

Infrared black and white self portrait colored by hand. 

Candids from the past 6 months.

Went swimming yesterday. - Brendon Burton

Abandoned Church, 2014 - Brendon Burton

Mobile photos from the past two months. - Brendon Burton

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Abandoned home in the ghost town of Shaniko, Oregon. - Brendon Burton

Laundromat in Myrtle Creek, Oregon - Brendon Burton

Prospects, 2014 - Brendon Burton

Lost Negatives - Brendon Burton

Liminality, 2014 - Brendon Burton

Infrared film. 

Liminality, 2014 - Brendon Burton

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