Brendon Burton

Photographer from Portland, Oregon.

Spent a day at Cape Kiwanda with some visiting friends. 

A trip to the beach. 

Sunset in the Gorge. 

People of Washington: Will be all over your state from September 20th-October 3rd filming for a travel series with 3 friends, if you would like to meet up and shoot/hang out/explore cool places let me know where you are located and let’s make plans

got a couple of questions for you about the little film you did (love it btw!) where did you get your camcorder? how did you add text to the finished video like that? and what did you do in post to make the skipping effect / moving lines and such? thanks xx

Thank you! It’s my parent’s old camcorder but I’m sure you could find one in a second hand store pretty easily. The text was added in camera by a title making feature, the skipping effects were created by shaking and rotating the camcorder as it played the footage back on a television which distorts the image.

Took an old camcorder into an abandoned house a few months ago and made a video.

Abandoned house with a camcorder. 

Van in Astoria
Kyle in Yellowstone
Cape Kiwanda
Grand Teton
Abandoned house on Idaho/Wyoming border
Ghost town pool
Columbia Gorge
Jacob at Cape Kiwanda
Columbia Gorge

Mobile photos from the past two months.

I am selling discounted open edition prints for a limited time. 

More info on my blog

Agnus Dei

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